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Knowledge is understanding and power. Maintaining a home is critical to having a home last for many decades to come. However, some times we people think that a home should be flawless and not have a problem for ever. That simply isn't the case. You as a home owner must maintain your home to keep it in top running order just like your car needs oil changes and new breaks from time to time. On this page, you we will add tips to help you maintain you home. Check out the videos and read the Homeowner Maintenance Tips tab provided by our Quality Builders Warranty partner. Also, check out our additional docs listed below. If you have a question on your home, please feel free to ask and we'll add more info as time goes on.

Ice Damming

Here in Utah, winter happens. I'll bet that was a surprise :). It is important to remember to prepare your home for winter by installing heat tape which will prevent ice damming.  Ice damming is the snow and ice that builds up along the edges of the roof and if not taken care of, water can back up under your shingles and drip into your house. Leaks caused by ice damming won’t be covered by warranty so here are some helps. Heat tape should be installed in on the edges of your roof, in your rain gutters and down the down spouts. See the video for more insights.



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